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Jet V2 Litepaper Release

Today Jet has released the Jet V2 Litepaper, giving users a look into the future of the proposed protocol roadmap centered around a powerful margin engine and a first-of-its-kind fixed rate, fixed term bond market. As the centerpiece of the Jet Protocol tech stack, Jet V2 enables a wide variety of integrations and real world use case possibilities and this litepaper is only touching the surface of what is possible in its earliest version.

In this evolving and ever-changing ecosystem, consistent, targeted, and incremental delivery of the protocol is key, which is why V2 should be rolled out in stages. After proposal and discussion of each protocol update in their earliest stages, the programs will live on Devnet and be fully open source as they go through  thorough auditing and bug bounties.

Getting feedback on Jet V2 is critical at every stage and the community is encouraged to submit their thoughts directly to the development team via the governance forum. Here’s what to expect in the proposed roadmap:

Early Summer (Completed May 2022) - Jet Margin was open sourced and pushed to devnet - the programs have been under audit with two separate auditing firms whose findings will be shared publicly at V2 Beta launch.

Late Summer (Targeted Early August 2022) - The mid-flight engine swap. Jet Protocol’s V2 Beta will have replaced the V1 cross margin borrowing and lending back-end with Jet Margin on mainnet - the front end of the current app.jetprotocol.io will remain looking similar to V1 in terms of functionality. This will be an entirely new protocol with new liquidity and any liquidity remaining on the original V1 of Jet will be left as-is as the old app is deprecated over time.

Fall 2022 - Through the remainder of 2022 Jet Margin should roll out its full trading functionality giving users the ability to access leverage across other protocols such as Serum. Jet Margin opens up community driven adaptor work to additional protocols based on user demand. The follow-on to Margin Trading in late Fall will be the much anticipated Jet Bonds - the fixed rate, fixed term bond market. The community can anticipate further opportunity to evaluate and vote on technical updates to the protocol as it advances through its later stages.

Of course, dates of delivery are subject to change, however you can expect ongoing updates and sneak previews of the protocol as it rolls out incrementally throughout the remainder of 2022 as well as special integrations and collaborations with other protocols and product stacks. 

To access the brand new Jet Protocol V2 Litepaper please click here.

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