Built for speed, power, and scalability.

Decentralized lending and borrowing built on the Solana blockchain.
Fixed or Floating?
Take advantage of optionality between DeFi's first of its kind fixed rate borrowing and lending with term structure, and variable pooled lending with state-of-the-art interest rate curve design.

Debt with fixed term structure has many advantages - borrow and lend with term structure for the first time ever in DeFi.

The Jet Fixed Rate application allows borrowers and lenders to submit both maker and taker orders and negotiate rates in a central limit order book (CLOB) with 1 and 30 day markets for USDC and SOL. And more to come!
Trade While you Earn
Trade with up to 10x leverage and automatically route your long and short trades through the most advantageous venue, including Orca, Saber, and OpenBook.

Jet's flexible margin accounts permit leverage trading, hedging, or delta neutral strategy execution while borrowing and lending.

Think of Jet's margin accounts as a sandboxed zone in which a user may deposit collateral and use that collateral to earn further yield.
Secure and Trusted - Audited by the Best
Leading auditor Ottersec has conducted thorough audits of Jet programs to give users the safest experience possible.
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