Built for speed, power, and scalability.

Decentralized lending and borrowing built on the Solana blockchain.

Expert aviators.

Founded by grizzled pilots with countless flight hours logged, we've experienced every market condition—calm skies, turbulent flow, and everything in between. Whatever the forecast brings, we forge ahead.

Governed by you.

We're committed to operating an on-chain governance system representative of the community. Real processes and procedures that allow JET token holders to chart the course. With JetGovern, pseudonymous whales don't call the shots—everyone has a say.
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Innovative and market-driven.

We have a 30,000-ft view of the DeFi world. We know markets should set lending rates, not liquidity protocols. We recognize the need for a wide variety of assets with rates, terms, and conditions all detailed in advance. Most importantly, we recognize the value of flexible, capital-efficient margining—no matter the asset, the time, or the chain.
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Investors who believe in us.

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